8 from Kate

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After several months of not playing  for one reason or another (I think one month was an applique block, which I usually skip, but the others I was just SO BUSY) I finally have some time to make blocks – and I’m glad, as these are really easy, fun blocks. I made 8 of them, because that was how many I could easily find the right size scraps for, without digging into stash (ok, I confess, I only had scraps enough for 7, but I couldn’t just make 7 – it would have annoyed me).  For the “very dark”,  I used up a small bit of dark brown fossil fern I had knocking about, some small scraps of solid black, and a little bit of a smallish piece of mottled black I had. Useful for the darks as well as the other bits!  This is a great scrappy block, and I’m considering making some more blocks in this pattern for stashbusting rather than just the lotto. I think it would look nice with a light background as well… One for the mental list of quick, easy, fun stash- & scrap- busters. A perfect example of what I love about the lotto. Looking forward to next year!

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