A Bunny

Posted by on July 18, 2015 in blocks | 1 comment


I guess it depends upon your definition of “household” as to whether or not a rabbit is a household pet.   I think as long as you feed and give shelter to somebody then it’s part of the household. My oldest son raised rabbits who had names in our barn and we actually paid to feed them.

I used Sally’s (The Objects of Design blog) bunny tutorial.  She also did a little cabbage tutorial for me because I want to use the rabbits and cabbages in a baby quilt (someday) to pair with a Peter Cottontail book.     Sally makes lots of cute critters.

Meanwhile rabbits are eating some of my garden crops.


1 Comment

  1. I didn’t think this had to be household “pets” but “domesticated animals”, meaning horses, goats, chickens, sheep, etc — any animal that wasn’t wild ?
    I’v known some wwhove had lizards, ducks, snakes, pigeons, llamas, etc as their pets ….

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