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Posted by on August 28, 2015 in blocks | 1 comment

Only 2 from me for donation as I recently made a quilt with the express purpose of using up every scrap in my stash of cream material smaller than a half yard. It was obviously a success because a thorough search turned up only one small scrap, used for the end pieces here. Rest of the cream prints had to come from yardage and there is very little of that.


I have been quite busy with my Plaid 9Patch win. There will be 8 rows of 7 blocks and there are narrow black borders between each one. Trying to match 8 points along every edge was a bit daunting and had I chosen that method, it is likely I still would be looking for the first two that matched up.

Here is a peek at the middle of where I am right now, just before sewing the 4th row onto it.



1 Comment

  1. I like where your plaid 9-patch blocks are going. For what it’s worth, the guidelines say cream OR low volume fabrics. If you look at my blocks, you’ll see that I used a black on white print, a black on cream print and a lavender print.

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