Blue Twinkle Star

Posted by on October 17, 2015 in blocks | 4 comments

Here is my donated blue twinkle block for this month to replace the one that was questionable.  I’ll use the other in my sampler quilt.  Don’t know if I will have time to do anymore because I have to make four more for myself to get to nine.

blue twinkle




  1. Thank you for doing this, Barb. I do think your other star block was borderline (and FYI, I did count it). The blue print (batik?) is so cool–it makes your block vibrate.

    • Yes, It’s batik. Thanks, I like that fabric too. I finished the nine I needed, now if I have time I’ll try to make a few more to donate.

    • Sophie, this block is to donate, I see you have it as an entry.

      • Thanks for catching my error. I moved it.

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