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imageGreetings everyone! This is my first time posting my blocks.

My name is Karen, tho I am Lace Faerie at various sites. Come find me on Instagram and Ello as LaceFaerie. I sew and quilt in my little corner of Pacific Northwest Washington. I look forward to joining this great community!


  1. FYI, you can set up Lace Faerie as a nickname and then choose it as your display name, if you prefer it. There are quite a few quilters named Karen in the group, so please make sure on your future posts to give me a clue that it’s you so I don’t attribute your blocks to another Karen.

    • Thanks, Sophie. I got it!

  2. Welcome to the Block Lotto, Lacefaerie!

  3. yES!!! Welcome Lacefaerie Karen! The more the merrier and good luck! Oh and your blocks are just lovely!

  4. Welcome to the Block Lotto. Your blocks look great.

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