Five violet blocks

Posted by on March 4, 2016 in blocks | 4 comments


Here are my five violet blocks. The yellow centres don’t align in some. Even after doing a whole quilt with this block I never seemed to fix this problem. Any tips?



  1. Maybe it’s the lighting, but I think if you starch and press your fabric before cutting will help. And then press after each seam is sewn. Sophie suggested pressing two of the yellow flower seams towards the flower fabric, and two away, so the seams are opposing when sewing. That should help.

  2. I thought about this as I was putting together my blocks for Old Macdonald’s Mystery Sampler. Here are my ideas. Check to make sure that the small Center triangles are all the same size. I noticed that when I am putting the pairs of petal units together, I actually line them up along the petal/center seams first–if the beginning/end of the seam is a little off, I sacrifice that and give priority to matching the seams around the center. Whether you pin or press in a way to eep that seam lined up, it’s the one that attracts the eye …. Especially if it is too far off.

  3. PS. Our eyes are drawn to the seams around the center because of the high contrast and so we worry about it, perhaps too much. I think your blocks look GREAT and those seams are matched close enough for you to stop worrying …

  4. For me, pressing the adjoining yellow seams in opposite directions works well.

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