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One of the things I like about Block Lotto is I always learn something.  I learned two things about myself making these:  1)  I don’t have very much orange in my stash.  It is not that I dislike orange, as I will use any color to get the look I want.  Still, these are the only 3 fabrics I had that were orange.  2)  I had never given a lot of thought to grain line on paper pieced blocks, and it is more difficult to get them straight than I expected.  Thanks for the challenge, Sophie, you make me a better quilter.  Kathleen

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  1. Today I posted a comment on Cathy’s blog about how I try to push myself to try new things … at least twice, because the experience isn’t always great the first time when I’m learning and trying to figure things out … and the second time around, there is a chance I’ll actually enjoy it 😉

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