A Big Surprise

Posted by on June 3, 2016 in blocks | 1 comment

Every month I struggle to make my pieces meet perfectly and the edges straight and tidy. And then this month we have the Bullseye, the perfect block for me. No careful cutting needed, no points to match, perfectly straight edges. I am in love!  After a false start using some unqualified fabrics, I quickly remade those and present my 10 blocks for the drawing.

I made them using the Sneak Peak instructions and before reading the official download sewing all of mine with the concave piece on top! It went very quickly with the two pieces meeting like merging onto the freeway. But … then I read the download instructions and Sophie said concave piece on the bottom, so I tried that but it was so much harder! Kinda like crossing a bunch of blind intersections.

My seams are smooth and the blocks are flat so I can’t see why it should matter. But I worry. Anything this much fun and so easy can’t be right.


1 Comment

  1. You know that I am a believer in whatever works for you. Your blocks look great, but … only NINE of them can count in the drawing. Do you want to donate the 10th or hang onto it yourself?

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