Four sets of spiky leaves with one having the spikes chopped off

Posted by on July 4, 2016 in blocks | 1 comment

Here are my four spiky leaf blocks for this month. The first I made is the one on the bottom left (pink background). For the solid lime green leaves I cut the bias strips from an 8 inch high fabric piece, for the dotty ones were from a 5 inch high piece. The shorter lengths of bias  worked better when the block was trimmed to the required final size. I am still not confident that I understood the process. Apologies for seams being more than quarter inch.

Sophie, let me know if these are not up to scratch.




1 Comment

  1. The nature of improv quilting is that sometimes things will get chopped off in the process. I see spiky leaves in all four of your blocks–they are fine. Too-large seam allowances can be trimmed if desired … unfortunately it’s not nearly so easy to deal with those that are too small.

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