One Spiky for Now

Posted by on July 29, 2016 in blocks | 2 comments

16070001I’ve been on a self-imposed non-sewing regime for nearly two months (stolen laptop+insufficient back-ups=megaton of work to catch up)…. and decided enough was enough… make a block!  I can’t believe how this one simple thing has lifted me out of the misery!   So, here is the one block for July, but do hope to make more time tomorrow to do a couple more.  This block was not too difficult to do, so I’m wondering why there have been so few made this month?  This is for the donated list.   From Karen N in a wonderfully wet (dams have gone from 25% to nearly 50% full in past two weeks) and wintery Cape Town.



  1. Love your bird fabric!

  2. I don’t try to speculate why some blocks turn out to be popular … or not and I don’t take offense when anyone decides to sit out a month of the block lotto. I think the technique used for this block has a lot of possibilities, but … it’s OK if no one else sees what I see 😉

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