Sophie’s 9 Split 9-Patches

Posted by on August 1, 2016 in blocks | 2 comments

Sophie-9-S9PAs usual with my blocks, I played with lots of interpretations of the guidelines. So you will see:

  • Variations in the LIGHT fabrics, from solid white to gray/lavender on white to black on white to acid green on white
  • Red-violet fabric, blue-violet fabric, sometimes both in the same block
  • Half white/gray and half purple blocks
  • Mostly gray blocks/mostly purple blocks
  • Monochrome blocks (with all purple or gray fabrics)

I am donating the chances for these 9 blocks.


  1. I love this picture. All the different color variations and the layout was cool. I have a scrappy quilt I am working on that has blocks like this but in all colors. I might have to see how the blocks would like in this pattern. Your work is so inspiring to me.

  2. I like all the variations you used, and it gives me a lot of ideas. Thanks!

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