Where Did August Go?

Posted by on September 3, 2016 in blocks, sent and received | 1 comment

Actually, what has happened to this whole year? 2016 has just flown by. I will only have this one entry into the drawing for September. The dark areas in the red fabric are a very dark red, not black. I checked the colors in the selvedge before using.

Only 1 for me

I have already mailed the Split 9 Patch I made in August and managed to make 4 Barn Doors for my Sampler.  Gee, that sounds so organized; if only the rest of my days were so tidy.

My sampler

1 Comment

  1. I KNOW! This year is flying by. I love the print you used in your sampler blocks … hmmm … I have some of that fabric, so it might show up in mine 😉

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