A Problem Solved

Posted by on January 24, 2017 in blocks | 4 comments

My favorite quilt style is Scrappy so I was delighted to see this month’s Lotto block continued the made fabric theme.  By January 3rd I had pulled out a mound of red scraps. January 9th came and I was still looking at the same mound. Why couldn’t I get started on what should be an easyblock?

It took me three days to make the first heart and another week to make the second one. In the meantime, to avoid that pile of red, I cleaned things, ironed things, did the mending, and put some other stuff away. Then in a final, desperate avoidance effort, I sorted the red scraps into 6 piles and Bingo!! The problem was corrected and I flew through the next 6 blocks. Apparently, all those decisions just paralyzed me.

So here’s my confession: I am a quilter who doesn’t like to choose fabrics. Love to buy them and have a BLE stash but from now on, it’s the grocery bag decision method for me.


  1. I know exactly what you mean! I’ve joined and PAID to do a year-long block-a-week …. it’s week two and I am still differing over what fabrics to use! I think we overthink! Your blocks are great!

    • dithering, not differing!

  2. I like the silly/wonky star that emerges when they are laid side by side

  3. Whatever method you used, they came out great!

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