My obsession with Bonus Triangle Squares …

Posted by on January 7, 2017 in blocks | 3 comments

You’ve already seen my heart blocks, once or twice … but here is my official post of them.

threeheartblocksIf you know me, you know I can’t leave those bonus triangles alone, even when they are quite small. This time, after trimming,

I sewed them together
Pressed them and trimmed them to 1 1/4 inch square (for a 3/4 inch finished size HST unit)
Added four 1 1/4 inch squares for the corners
Made a little 3 inch scrappy star block.

It is in the process of becoming a pincushion. Pretty adorable, right?  The button will be sewn on with red floss.




  1. So cute! I recently completed a couple of autumn leaves table toppers and I saved all the little corner triangle squares from them – autumn colors and cream to yellow backgrounds. This gives me an idea… thanks!

  2. Wonderful pincushion! My obsession doesn’t go quite that far, but I agree that there are some super designs that can be made using them.

  3. Very sweet. I have an obsession with not wasting them too.

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