Here we go!

Posted by on January 2, 2018 in blocks | 4 comments

Greetings from very very COLD north Iowa. These really go together quickly. I didn’t fall in love with this block until I had a bunch laid out together. My fingers are crossed. It’s nice to be posting blocks again!


  1. Oh I like how this looks!

  2. Nice!

  3. Your blocks look great. So happy Block Lotto is back in action. Now to get my January blocks done.

  4. These look great!
    Your blocks look grand, Julie! I pulled fabrics for mine but had to go get a chemotherapy WBC booster and since I didn’t really have but 1 oR 2 BRIGHTS, stopped by the quilt shop to get 3 more FQs. including a rich blue like yours — the ONLY rich blue/not teal in the shop!
    Washer is leaking and plumber due here Friday so unless I handwash the FQs, will wait till it is fixed — is the drain system — we caught it early enough only half the laundry room floor had water on it.
    Anyway, supposed to go in for another Lukine shot ?WBC booster early in the morning but not sure I will make it — lopoks like I have a slight fever and have to wastch mto make sure isn’
    t over 101.4 at which time I’m instructed to go to the ER — UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have 3 blocks laid out to stitch on soon’s I feel better ..

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