Jan. block

Posted by on January 25, 2018 in blocks | 3 comments

Hi, I have tried to upload my one finished block for this month and it has shown as a error each time.

How do I get the photo to you????  Not sure who I can email now.  Maybe it is the connection today but in the past I emailed the

photo to Sophie and she uploaded it for me.

Thanks for the help.



  1. Ok, I really do not get it when the screen said that there was a photo error. Aren’t computers fun. Guess I don’t have a problem.

    • It’s not you, Carol. When I open your post to edit it, I don’t see the image either. When I look in the media library, I can see you uploaded a HUGE 6 Megabyte file multiple times and none of them appear to be usable. I cannot, for example, edit the image to make it smaller. I deleted all except the last one. I think the size of your photo is where the problem is/was. If you have an option to size for email or a website, that is generally what you want.

    • Ps. I thought of a way to export/edit/reload a smaller version of your image … now it displays on the home page.

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