November star tips

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I learned something while making these blocks.  I was having difficulty getting them to size as well as having the star tips not being too close to the cut edge of the block.  Upon investigating and through several trials, found that I had to use Magic Sizing or some such on my fabrics before cutting so my cuts would truly be accurate and also to help keep the bias edges of the triangles from stretching even when sewing.  I had to make absolutely sure I used a full 1/4″ seam allowance when stitching and be sure to not stretch the triangles when stitching.  When placing the triangles onto the corner squares. to crease the square both ways and also to fold the triangle in half and make a center mark so I could line it up accurately with the corner square center crease.  PIN to keep parts in place when stitching!  Lastly, be careful when pressing as there is still some stretchiness especially on some of those side triangles  — press seam allowances from the wrong side before pressing the block on the front.  Final press  with Magic Sizing or Best Press .

When I did all this, I got great results!

Hope some of this helps others who are having a bit of a problem getting the blocks to turn out correctly.


1 Comment

  1. Great tips Karen. There’s nothing worse than blunted points because once constructed, they can’t be fixed without making the blocks too small. I use Best Press all the time and my blocks turn out just right.

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