June 2019 winner

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The random number generator gave me number 2 – which means the winner of the Vee blocks is Elizabeth. Question for Elizabeth – are you the Elizabeth from Grand Haven, MI? If so, I can direct members to Sophie’s February 2, 2019, email with the January winners because it has your address on it. I hope that will work for everyone because, unlike Sophie, I don’t have members’ email address to send out your address. Could you all let me know (in a comment) if you don’t have that email and I’ll see if there is another way to get Elizabeth’s address to you.

Thanks, Kathie in Allentown


  1. Hi Kathie,

    Yes, I am the Elizabeth Clark from Grand Haven, MI. My address is 1407 Lake Avenue, Grand Haven,, MI 49417.

    I’m delighted to win the blocks, but sad to have the Block Lotto run into a wall. If I can help out in any way, I will.

    Thanks for giving it the life support to at least get these blocks handled.


  2. Kathie, Thanks so much for stepping up to tie up the loose ends for June.
    I am also sad to have the Block Lotto run into a wall.

  3. My blocks will be in the mail tomorrow. Thanks Kathie. Sophie is in our prayers. Hoping all is well. She had done so much for all of us quilters

  4. I just realized that I had not seen the address to send my block to, so I get on site and found it in the comments. Elizabeth I will get your block in the mail today or tomorrow. Really enjoyed this block. So hope that Sophie is now doing better. Sounds like she had quite a time of things.

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