October Winners – Maple Leaf Block

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We are a day late on announcing the winners because Nann and I have been talking back and forth. Although October was Nann’s month to assign the block and handle the tutorial and count, she wanted to be eligible as a winner. So, in addition to preparing the November block announcement (see yesterday’s post), I’ve also handled the drawing by Random Number Generator (RNG) and will have the mailing list out for October (next post) later today).

So, with 65 blocks made (8 of which were donation blocks), there were 57 chances to win. I numbered each block made in alphabetical (by first name) order, just as we list the mailing information. And I actually ran the RNG once for the three winners, and AGAIN – you’ll see why – and got the same three winners (albeit with different numbers). It has either (a) made me a believer of randomness as a foundation for the order of the universe or (b) made me question how random this RNG thing really is. Regardless, here are the three winners and the number of blocks they will receive.

Cathy L – 22 blocks

Sharon B – 22 blocks

Nann H – 21 blocks

1 Comment

  1. I will love seeing what different quilts each person makes with their blocks!

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