New format for monthly instructions

Sophie, I really like the new format for the monthly instructions. Easy to find, easy to use, and most importantly, easy for old brains like mine to remember. 🙂 Sue

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A Garden of Tulips!

I’ve now received all of my Tulip blocks. Big thank yous to Rachel, Margaret, Barb, and, of course, to Our Fearless Leader, Sophie.  I’m waiting for a specially ordered fabric to begin to add sashing and cornerstones.  I’m thinking the end product will be 66″ x 77″, maybe a bit larger. Thank you all again! Sue K. Note to Glenna: I’m almost embarrassed to admit that my girlfriend opened the packages for me and...

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It’s Raining Tulips!

I’m SO tickled! Tulip blocks have been arriving in torrents. Thank you to Marianne, Laurina, Nann, Glenna, Deborah, Karen, Kathie, and Peggy.  I also received blocks from someone with the last name Forbes but no first name, so thank you, Ms. Forbes!  The blocks are all beautiful and I’m going to have a ball putting these blocks into a quilt. Rachel, your blocks are on their way and, according to USPS, should be delivered today. Sue...

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