Field of Clover

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Well, I haven’t made any blocks for April yet (must really see if I have any plaids!) or mailed my March blocks (post office closed until Tuesday due to Easter bank holidays) but I did do this particular lotto-related exercise today – I FINALLY put together the modern clover blocks I won back in the dark ages of whenever it was (apparently we made them in April 2011 – not as long ago as  I thought!).  I’ve laid them out a few times before, and was pretty sure I’d want an on point layout, which means I needed to make 2 more blocks – and of course, between that and the slightly extra work of an on-point layout, it meant that the blocks just tended to go back in the basket every time.  Today I decided I would just do it and make those two extra blocks and get to work with the setting triangles.  Just noticed that in this photo at least one flower looks like it has no leaves and stem – but they are there, just quite a pale green – in person, the difference is less striking.


It’s a funny thing about these blocks – the block is actually one I designed myself when Sophie and I were having a chat about flowers for whatever lotto year that was and which Sophie then refined a bit – so it was fitting when I won some that month. However, I’ve never been completely convinced that I really LIKED the block, until I saw lots of them laid out together (one of the other winners did a lovely top with sashing, if I recall correctly). En masse, I really like these clover, especially with the consistency of the dark and light placement.  So there you go!


  1. OOOH! I love this!

  2. Very nice layout with the rainbow shading. That’s a good background you chose for them, too. I looked at the close-close-close up. =)

  3. You could have just laid them out at random, but this graduated color – what Desertskyquilts calls rainbow shading – is really much nicer. Nice work!

  4. Thanks guys! I played with the layout for quite a while on several occasions, and decided to go with the controlled gradation in the end – appeals to my tidy soul, I guess. LOL. The background was a lucky find in my stash – the flowers in it are quite similar to the clovers themselves. Not quite sure how I managed that, but it’s a nice chance.

  5. I dont know what happened to the comment I left yesterday but I will try again. I was one of the other modern clover winners. I love the way you have put these together. I recently finished putting mine together and they look quite different to this. I will try and post a photo over the next couple of days.

  6. Maree, I’ll look forward to seeing what you do with your clovers – it’s great how two people can take virtually identical sets of blocks and come up with completely different tops!

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