2012 Lotto Block Index

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In 2012, we made these 9-inch blocks for the Block Lotto.

January – 9-inch Eclipse blocks

All the Eclipse blocks
Eclipse variation guidelines

February – 9-inch Heart Sampler blocks (Quilter’s Choice)

Heart Sampler guidelines

March – 9 inch Scrappy Triangles blocks

All the Scrappy Triangle Blocks
Scrappy Triangle Guidelines

April – 9-inch Hot-Crossed 9-Patch blocks

All the Hot Crossed 9-Patches
Hot Crossed 9-Patch Tutorial

May – 9-inch Liberated 5-point Stars

All the 5-Point Star Blocks
Slash Star Directions

June – 9-inch Simplified Schoolhouse blocks

All the Schoolhouse blocks
Schoolhouse block Directions

July – 9-inch Silly String blocks

All the Silly String blocks
Silly String Block Directions

August – 9-inch Jacob’s Ladder blocks

All the Cool Ladders
Jacob’s Ladder Block Directions

September – 9-inch  3-D Flower blocks

All the 3-D Flowers
3-D Flower block Directions

October – 9-inch  Split Star

 split star block   All the Split Stars
Split Star Directions

November – 9-inch  Improv Mug

    All the Mugs
Block Pattern

December – 9-inch  Star-Crossed

      All the Star-Crossed blocks
Block Directions
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