2014 Lotto Block Index

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Below is the list of blocks we make in 2014.  Blocks this year were one of three sizes:

  • 7-inch square
  • 7 by 14-inch square
  • 14-inch square

In 2014, we had a Mod-mod Quilt-Along and made sampler quilts (in one of 6 sizes) from the monthly blocks.


This is my queen-size quilt. Click over to the Gallery to see more finishes.


January – Double Chevron

Double Chevron Quilt Block Pattern
Double Chevron blog posts


February – Bead-on-a-String

IMG_2299 Bead-on-a-String Block Pattern
Bead blog posts


March – Star Chain

StarChainBlock-Featured Star Chain Block Pattern 
Star Chain blog posts

April  – Triangles in a Square

IMG_2362 Triangles in a Square Block Directions 
Triangles in a Square blog posts


May – Diagonal Bars

DSCN5840 Diagonal Bars Block Pattern 
Diagonal Bars blog posts

June – Sunrise

2 Sunrise Quilt Blocks Summer Sunrise Guidelines with links to templates
Sunrise block related blog posts

July – Spokes

Spokes Spokes  Block Pattern
Spokes blog posts

August – Little Windows

windows 2 Little Windows Block Pattern
Little Windows blog posts

September – Sweet Dreams

JulieP-SweetDreams1 Jude-SweetDreams3
Jude-SweetDreams2 Jude-SweetDreams1
Sweet Dreams Block Pattern on Quilter’s Cache
Sweet Dreams blog posts

October – Woven Bars

WovenBarsBlocks-Sophie Woven Bars Pattern
Woven Bars blog posts

November – Easy X

easy x blocks Nov 2014 Easy X Block Pattern
Easy X blog posts

December – Big O

lottobigo Big O Block Pattern
Big O blog posts
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