One sunblock!

Posted by on June 9, 2014 in blocks | 2 comments

I made my block after I got the sneak peak email. And I sent a picture of it to Sophie for the virtual quilt. But I wasn’t happy with the block. Especially after seeing everyone else’s perfectly pieced blocks. My center was a little lopsided and the points didn’t reach it like they should. So I ripped the center out and attached it again and it still wasn’t right. So I ripped out the seams for the background and redid that. It STILL wasn’t lining up! So once more I ripped out the center and the background. I reattached the center again, making certain everything lined up properly, then reattached the background. Now it finally lines up and I think I might be able to make another one!

sunblock 2

sun block 3


  1. Loving this block Andrew, very neat!

    • Thanks, Charlene!

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