2016 Lotto Block Index

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Here is the list of blocks–added as we make them in 2016, with links to the monthly announcement post.  It will be updated throughout this year.


January – Birds in the Air July – Spiky Leaf 
February – Snail’s Trails August – Split 9-Patch 
March – Violet September – Barn Door
April – Butterfly  October –
May – Green Leaf Pairs  November –
June – Improv Bullseye  December –


Remember, lotto block patterns are free for the first 10 days of the month they are released–use the discount code supplied in the first-of-the-month announcement post.  Click the cover images below to purchase/download the block patterns for 2016.


 Cover SnailsTrailPatternCover VioletBlockPatternCoverScreenshot
ButterflyBlockCover GreenLeafCover-ScreenShot  ImprovBullseyePatternCoverImage
 SpikyLeavesPatternCover S9P-BlockPatternCover Cover-ScreenShot
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